UNOX Follows an “Inventive Simplification” Philosophy

Mark Klindera, president

As part of its mission to celebrate organizations that push the foodservice equipment and supplies industry forward, the FEDA First Thing newsletter is publishing a series of Q&As with member companies. This week features UNOX, a 31-year-old manufacturer of ovens and accessories with sales branches in 34 countries.

Who is your customer base?
Mark Klindera, president: Restaurants (full service, casual dining, fast casual, and QSR), hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores, K-12 schools and colleges, healthcare, and contract feeders.

How has your company set itself apart in its market?
We follow a lean production and all of our processes are vertically integrated. Our philosophy allows us to have 100 percent control over product quality, innovation, and cost. The result is being able to offer an industry leading combi oven and the most competitive price to our customers. We position our products to not only be the best in their categories but they should also be affordable and provide maximum value to the customer.

How has the company innovated in recent years?
Our “it” is Inventive Simplification – everything we do or produce is made to be simple. Great design is simple, it’s intuitive. It communicates the essence of an object and doesn’t require people to read a 20-page manual to understand how to use a product or service.

How is your company making the best use of new technology, either in your products or in the way you work with distributors to reach operators?
Today, we have a much greater focus on the use of artificial intelligence and connectivity with our products. We also are never content with “status quo” and eliminate the boundaries to design innovative technologies as evident in our EVEREO hot fridge and our new MULTI.DAY vacuum pump.

How is your organization growing?
Our innovation pipeline is full and we will be introducing some new technologies in the coming months to the USA market. We have recently hired several talented sales and technical service team members in anticipation of the market regaining momentum.

What are some ways your market is changing?
It’s a very exciting time for the combi oven category! The greater U.S. market is just beginning to realize the advantages that our combi oven technology offers. We are not only seeing increased business from restaurants; but now are gaining new customers from supermarkets, K-12, hotels, and commissary operations.

How has your organization adjusted to the challenges of COVID-19 and have those adjustments changed how you work with distributors?
We now work even closer with our distributor partners to bring safer, more personalized “individual cooking experiences” to their customers. We cook the customer’s food in our oven at the location of their choice.

What excites you about the future of our industry?
Now, more than ever, we are tremendously excited to be a part of the resurgence of our industry as we emerge from the global pandemic. Our industry, at least in my lifetime, has never experienced this type of disaster. However, our industry is very resilient and I’m sure will come back even stronger!

Is there anything else FEDA members should know about your company?
UNOX offers 24/7 technical service support across North America. We partner with many talented manufacturer rep groups who provide additional sales support nationwide.