June 1, 2021

More than 30 Associations Have Joined Group to Oppose Tax Hikes

Summarized from Jade West, National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

NAW and four allied business groups recently joined together to organize a new tax coalition – America’s Job Creators for a Strong Recovery – to respond to the Biden Administration’s proposed business tax increases. Like all NAW’s legislative coalitions, this one will lobby against the tax increases; however, this new coalition has a different primary mission: to work with consultants and a polling firm to try to shape public opinion on the tax hikes. President Joe Biden and his allies consistently argue that taxes should be increased on businesses and the “wealthy” because they don’t pay enough in taxes and should be required to “pay their fair share.”

Given that the average effective tax rate in distribution and several other industries has always been at or higher than the statutory rates, the “fair share” argument is a false narrative, but polls consistently show that voters believe it. The mission of our new coalition is to conduct public opinion surveys, determine if voters change their minds when given more – and more accurate – information, and mount a targeted media campaign to convince both voters and members of Congress to oppose the Biden tax increases.

We officially launched the coalition yesterday with more than 30 members, including FEDA, and conducted a webinar on our most recent polling data. The coalition continues to grow, and as you may have seen, has caught the attention of the media. Earlier this week there were several news reports on the coalition and NAW CEO Eric Hoplin did a Fox Business interview. Here are links to those press stories and Eric’s interview:

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Eric Hoplin interview on Fox Business: https://twitter.com/NAWorg/status/1397255099462868998