July 19, 2021

National Restaurant Association Publishes RRF Fact Sheet

Since the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) ran out of money last month, nearly 200,000 restaurants have been stuck in a state of limbo, waiting to see if Congress would replenish the lifeline fund. To help spur bipartisan action, the National Restaurant Association has published a fact sheet detailing the critical need to further fund the program.

“While many in our nation’s capital assume the challenges facing restaurants in their hometowns are a distant memory now that restaurants are open and busy again, we know reality is far from that,” said Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs for the National Restaurant Association. “Food costs continue to rise; recruitment challenges mean many restaurants can’t fully open and that’s keeping revenue below expectations.”

The complete fact sheet is available here.

The National Restaurant Association is asking businesses and organizations to contact their legislators and urge them to support further funding for the RRF. To find your U.S. representative and his or her contact information, visit house.gov/representatives and enter your home zip code in the top right corner. For your U.S. senators, visit senate.gov and click on the “Find Your Senators” by state dropdown menu in the top left corner.