Upcoming Webinars

The following upcoming webinars are available to help companies learn about and implement best practices and forward-thinking ideas.

The New Normal: Five Patterns that Will Change and Five that Might
On Demand

The focus will be less on the current COVID 19 situation and more on what the economy looks like from this point. The five areas that will see change will be 1) global supply chain, 2) employment patterns, 3) use of technology for work and at home, 4) role and reach of government and 5) status of globalization. The five that might would include 1) consumer behavior, 2) state of capital and lending markets, 3) role of education and training, 4) political direction and orientation and 5) role of the medical community.

2020 IWLA Convention & Expo - Virtual Registration
Wednesday, Aug. 5- Wednesday, Sept. 2

The 2020 IWLA Convention & Expo is the place to be if you are a warehousing leader. North American warehouse logistics leaders will virtually gather, make connections, learn, and network August 5-September 3, 2020, virtually from across North America and beyond.

WERC Webinar: Post-Pandemic Impacts on the Distribution Center and How to Ensure Resiliency   
1 p.m. ET Thursday, August 6

Leaders in supply chain are building swift & agile response capabilities in order to mitigate the fallout from the crisis. Yet most organizations are still learning to cope with this new reality, and its post-pandemic impacts on warehouse operations. The need to quickly develop and adopt new capabilities that ensure long-term resiliency is now firmly on everyone’s minds. This session will specifically address three fundamental shifts, their impacts on the DC, and how to build the capabilities required to maximize resiliency and long-term sustainability.
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