Upcoming Webinars

The following upcoming webinars are available to help companies learn about and implement best practices.

Strategies and Tactics to Build a Sustainable Sales Pipeline
10 a.m. CT, Tuesday, July 27

Building sales pipeline is the No. 1 challenge faced by sales executives today. Compounding this challenge is that generating sales pipeline is often unpredictable, but it does not have to be. In this complimentary panel discussion webinar, Gartner sales practice experts share innovative strategies to help you address your pipeline creation challenges.

Equality of Opportunity in Action: Addressing Maternal Healthcare Disparities
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
11 a.m. Wednesday, July 28

This event will bring together private and public sector leaders to discuss the business community's role in addressing disparities in maternal healthcare and solutions for advancing health equity.

Lessons from the Grand Re-Opening
On Demand

Join hosts Jack Li, Mike Kostyo and Carly Levin as they discuss innovations driven by COVID, the labor crunch, environmental issues affecting the food industry, new retail products, and more.

The Impacts of the Pandemic on Women in Business
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
On Demand

A panel of women business leaders discuss the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic and how companies can help bridge gaps going forward.

A Path to Profitability: Manufacturing Trends in 2021
On Demand

This webinar looks at how technology will help manufacturers this year, why a localized supply chain is gaining favor, and what actions manufacturers must take to boost profitability now and in the future.

Order Up: A Look at the 2020 Elections and What it Means for Restaurants
National Restaurant Association
Podcast Series

Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of public affairs for the National Restaurant Association, discusses the NRA's legislative strategy and working with President-Elect Joe Biden's transition team to bring much-needed relief to the restaurant industry.

Distribution Talk by Jason Bader
The Distribution Team
Podcast Series

In this podcast, Bader dives into the stories, struggles and solutions from interesting characters who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry.

New Technology Frontiers for Distributors: Sizing Up Marketplaces and Becoming Digital Companies

Many distributors have struggled to build great e-commerce capabilities, and now the marketplace phenomenon threatens the industry as well. Some distributors are responding by transforming themselves into digital companies and distributor-led marketplaces are emerging. What is the right strategy for a distributor during this time of disruption?

How Distributor Customers Will Use Technologies From Their Suppliers and Who Is Winning

Research report 3 in the NAW series: Leading technology companies are offering customers new ways of ordering – by voice or product image. Additionally, leading retailers and distributors are using AI-enabled business intelligence to understand customer needs better and are applying autonomous vehicles, including drones, for deliveries. This research report, which is based on original research with distributor customers, will delve into how important all of this new technology is to customers, and whether distributors need to build a whole new set of technological capabilities to remain competitive. 

Elevating the Customer Experience through Digital and Touchless

Hosted by Winsight, this webinar is designed to help gain insights on how restaurants can enhance and elevate the guest experience while increasing safety, all by implementing digital and contactless technologies. Speakers include industry leaders from Tavant, Newk’s Eatery and Chowly, and the conversation is moderated by Peter Romeo. Topics covered include the current challenges eateries are facing right now, including how to implement contactless service, as well as how to boost the guest experience in a touchless environment.

Up Next in Commerce: Traffic Surging?

Digital commerce surged last year amid the pandemic, and now it’s up to retailers to figure out how to maintain the growth they experienced and take customer acquisition to the next level. Are subscriptions and other methods of recurring revenue the right way for your business to achieve this?

Take Your E-Commerce Capabilities to the Next Level
Modern Distribution Management

Tom Gale, CEO of Modern Distribution Management, and Mike Mark, managing partner for Indian Rivers Consulting Group, explain how businesses can modernize their e-commerce strategies and better leverage artificial intelligence.

The Value of Healthy Data

Working with data and business intelligence can be a difficult process on it's own, but having inaccurate and out-of-date information can make it that much worse. Making sure you have accurate, clean and "healthy" data is key as you will be able to rely on it every time you need to make a decision. 

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