Education Committee

The purpose of FEDA’s Education and Training Initiative is to equip FEDA distributors, dealers, and industry partners with the necessary tools and resources to compete successfully in a changing landscape driven by a deluge of data, disruptive competitors, and customers’ desire to interface on multiple platforms. Below is a list of goals and proposed action steps to meet this objective:

  • Develop member education and training programs that emphasize the importance of having and executing a well-thought-out digital strategy.
  • Offer sales training that overlaps with digital strategies to increase sales and elevate service levels.
  • Extend education and training beyond sales by identifying other departments and individual roles within various distributor/dealer models that can benefit from education and training materials designed to teach FEDA members how to improve the customer experience at multiple touch points by collecting, managing and using data analytics.
  • Shape content and training curriculum around five key areas: 1) Digital Strategy: Course material will cover content focused on putting systems and processes in place to provide a connected and cohesive buying experience across customers’ preferred buying channels (i.e., omnichannel capabilities, e-commerce, mobile, building a digital culture, etc.). 2) Data Analytics: Harvesting and interpreting data to determine how to meet customers’ needs. 3) Sales in the Digital Era: Sales training that overlaps with digital strategies to increase sales and elevate service levels. 4) Distribution Technology: Course topics will include content on ERP, tips on selecting a B2B e-commerce platform, SE0, etc. 5) Warehousing and Inventory Control: Course topics will include content on performance analytics, warehousing technologies, order fulfillment, slotting software, supply chain technology, etc.
  • Work with manufacturers to offer online product-specific training to distributor/dealer employees. For example, via its partnership with manufacturers, NAED offers its members more than 18,000 training modules.
  • Serve as a hub to promote the educational tools FEDA members have access to via FEDA’s relationship with other Associations. For example, through FEDA’s membership with NAW, FEDA members have access to free webinars, whitepapers, etc. FEDA also can use the hub to post information from other industry associations; i.e. CFSP information from NAFEM, training courses offered by CFESA, etc. 

Education and training for FEDA members will fall under two tracks, “Knowledge Lab” and “Technology Tools and Change.” Both will be housed in FEDA’s online education and training hub. The Knowledge Lab is designed for entry and mid-level roles throughout a dealership/distributor and will include educational courses and training to give professionals an opportunity to enhance their skills, deepen their overall industry knowledge, and ultimately take meaningful steps toward professional growth. Technology Tools and Change will be tailored for senior-level professionals and owners. The series of educational courses and training will inspire management to think beyond the now and equip them with visionary tools that will help them move their organization forward. 

For more information, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at or at 224-293-6501. See the committee list below:

Ben Whitlock, President
Mobile Fixture & Equipment
Lavergne, TN

Stephanie Bean, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Ace Mart
San Antonio, TX

Kevin Clark, President
Vernon Hills, IL
(not pictured)

Poppy Harper
Windrock Enterprises
Knoxville, TN
(not pictured)

Jim Klimt, Vice President of Sales
Duke Manufacturing
St. Louis, MO
(not pictured)

Gary Licht, President
Providence, RI
(not pictured)

Keri Llewellyn, Vice President of Operations
Irvine, CA

Mark Pumphret, National Sales Manager
Hatco Corp.
Milwaukee, WI

Brian Ringelheim, Vice President
Globe Equipment Co.
Bridgeport, CT