FEDA Manufacturer Membership

A Manufacturer’s Membership is an important new FEDA partnership opportunity that will enhance your company’s marketing exposure and distributor and dealer business relationships – and save you money, as well. E&S manufacturing companies may now join FEDA at a flat annual fee of $1,800 per year and receive multiple new benefits and services. Here are just a few:

  1. With membership, your company can receive $670 (25%) off your first FEDA conference registration.
  2. You can put this savings toward a 5% discount on any of the appealing new conference sponsorships that will include a long list promotional benefits before the conference and highlighting your company in exciting ways during the conference.
  3. Your savings on that can go toward advertising with FEDA at 5% off all advertising options.
  4. And as a member, your company will be promoted on our website and publications just like regular members - and your representatives can become involved with FEDA throughout the year to build new business and new services for our industry. Your management, operations and sales level staff, including your young professionals, can work with FEDA members on new councils, committees and projects designed to serve E&S distribution and manufacturing. They can also participate in FEDA’s new online education and training at member prices.

This new membership involves all these things and so much more. You can see the complete list of Manufacturer Membership rights, privileges, benefits and services at Manufacturer Membership. Just complete the online application and we’ll follow up to confirm your membership by the next business day.