Data Repository and Data Governance and Quality Project

FEDA has created an open source and easy-to-use product data repository, the FEDA Data Repository, into which manufacturers may deposit their data and from which dealers can access the data. There is no cost to manufacturers or dealers to use this repository.

To ensure that data submitted by manufacturers to the FEDA Data Repository is of high and uniform quality, FEDA has launched a Data Governance and Quality Project to establish data governance protocols, which are rules that guide how product data will be entered into the repository. As data is added to the FEDA Data Repository, these protocols will use comprehensive data attributes to ensure data uniformity across product categories, yielding greater efficiency for dealers who choose to use the data. Final data governance protocols will be completed this summer.

We hope that the repository will eventually contain product data from all manufacturers. We know there is much to be done in this area and we look forward to working with members over the next several months to realize the Data Repository and Data Governance and Quality Project’s success.