Video Upload Specs

Please follow the specifications below when uploading content to the Video Marketing Center.

Video options

  • General Company Video
  • Equipment Operation Video
  • Product Testimonial or Promotion Video


  • Videos are best in .mp4 format, 16:9 ratio
  • Video max size is 100MB, but we recommend never coming close to that. Normally < 20MB covers most videos.
  • Video thumbnail image (representing the video) dimension = 640px x 360px

Collateral / Documents accompanying each video

  • General Company Video - sell sheet, full line product brochure, rebate form, sku info
  • Equipment Operation Video - instruction manual, spec sheet, PDF list of uses, link to equipment website
  • Product Testimonial/Promotion Video - PDF of testimonials for the product, product sell sheet, image of product, link to product website
  • The 4 documents you can attach to a video are files or URL links.  For the files, PDF is the preferred format. Using this format ensures anyone viewing the content will easily be able to view that asset on any device.


  • Brand Logo1 = 264px x 120px
  • Brand Logo2 = 164px x 120px
  • Campaign background skin = 1440px x 64