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Staff and Business Partners

Staff and business partner email addresses are listed below. Staff members may be reached by phone during regular business hours via our main number below via the direct-line numbers below.


[email protected]

Chief Executive Officer
Tracy Mulqueen
Direct Line: 224-293-6501
[email protected]

Chief Program Officer
Valentina Tomov
Direct Line: 224-293-6503
[email protected]

Director of Finance
George Maul
Direct Line: 224-293-6506
[email protected]

Director of Meetings and Operations
Erin Bedell
Direct Line: 224-293-6502
[email protected]

Communications Manager
Tim O'Connor
Direct Line: 224-293-6505
[email protected]

Membership and Business Development Manager
Isabelle Piotrowski
Direct Line: 224-293-6504
[email protected]

Data Governance and
Quality Project Manager
Joe Durham
Direct Line: 224-403-3190
[email protected]

Ed Tracy, CPA
Selden Fox
[email protected]

David Kully
Holland & Knight
[email protected]
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