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Flexibility and Style

Arctic Air’s stylish back bar refrigerators are designed with a narrow footprint and LED lighting to conserve space and make it easier the find the right beverage.

Arctic Air — Back Bar Refrigerators
In the nearly 30 years that have passed since its founding in 1995, Arctic Air has positioned itself as a reliable purveyor of high-quality, low-cost commercial refrigeration solutions. Walter Broich, president of Arctic Air Co., says that while pricing and availability are two of the highlights of the company’s line of back bar refrigerators, the features and specifications are what really drive the equipment’s superior value. The refrigerators are available in 49-inch, 61-inch and 72-inch widths with either black steel doors or crystal-clear glass doors for easy stock monitoring at a glance. 

What Salespeople Need to Know
Arctic Air back bar refrigerators are designed to impress in both their look and functionality. Operators will appreciate how the narrow 24-inch-deep footprint conserves space and how the bright LED lighting makes finding the right beverage quick and easy. The flexibility of the back bar means that a wide range of drinks can be stored. Each back bar has two white, epoxy-coated shelves per section that can be adjusted to accommodate products of varying heights. Further, a 1 1/2-inch-thick foamed stainless steel top gives bar staff additional space to prepare drinks and garnishes, while the black powder-coated steel exterior provides a subtle, professional aesthetic.

The ease of cleaning was another important consideration in the product’s development. Each door is equipped with a lock to help prevent shrinkage and a magnetic gasket that can be easily removed without tools for simple cleaning. The condensing unit is accessible from the front of the machine for convenient maintenance, while four casters allow for easier cleaning around and behind the refrigerator.

An efficient cooling system helps to ensure every drink pulled from the back bar refrigerator tastes refreshing. A ventilated stainless steel duct runs along the full length of the top of the interior to provide even cooling throughout the cabinet and limits airflow impediments that could be caused by taller bottles. The interior is cooled by a self-contained capillary tube system that uses environmentally friendly R290 hydrocarbon gas, which operates under less pressure and is more efficient than previously used freon refrigerants.

Every Arctic Air back bar refrigerator is tested to NSF Standard 7 requirements for open food storage and are subject to multiple quality control inspections through the manufacturing process. They are backed by a standard two-year parts and labor warranty and a five-year warranty on the compressor.

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