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Sharing Strong Leadership Values 

Erica Motes

In her more than 20 years in the foodservice equipment industry, Erica Motes has only worked for two companies: The Ali Group North America (now Welbilt) and Lund-Iorio. Throughout her career, she’s been fortunate to have outstanding leaders who took the time to help her understand the industry and expand her skill sets.

“Early in my career, Greg Iorio and Scott Lund taught me a very valuable lesson because even if they were working on something that was more important to the business than what I may have been stuck on, they always paused to assist me,” says Motes, president at Ice-O-Matic (IOM). “That was huge for me.”

At Beverage Air, another Ali Group brand, Motes worked with most of the current corporate leadership team early in her career. She says those leaders all helped her learn about manufacturing, the channel and how each functional discipline comes together to build a successful organization. “As those leaders grew and moved to various other roles, I was able to grow in my career as well,” says Motes, who learned more about finance and operations than any education a degree could have provided. “I will be eternally grateful for their time and knowledge.”

Attracting Young Talent to the Industry
Motes has carried those lessons and leadership values forward by trying to do the same with her own team members. For example, IOM has changed its weekly senior staff meeting into a leadership meeting where younger leaders who may be a level down from the executive team can collaborate and learn from all the company’s cross-functional departments.

“I feel this is essential in preparing your team for the next step and future opportunities,” Motes says. She also encourages continued education and enjoys involving team members in the areas of the business that they’re interested in. “IOM is thrilled to be hosting the FEDA Young Industry Leaders retreat in 2024,” Motes adds. “We’ll continue to engage with NAFEM and our other channel partners’ endeavors to attract young talent to our industry.”

A Forward-Thinking Industry Leader
Motes says IOM’s consolidated operational structure, with both the factory and all office departments operating under a single roof, sets the company apart in the industry. This unique setup fosters seamless collaboration and innovation across all facets of the organization.

The company has also embraced the digital era and incorporated internet of things (IoT) technologies into its operations. For example, it has developed a diagnostic mobile app, digital content resources and innovative sanitation solutions. “These technological advancements not only enhance our operational efficiency but also position Ice-O-Matic as a forward-thinking industry leader,” Motes explains.

The impact of these decisions has been profound and directly contributed to the robustness and triumph of IOM’s partnerships within the industry. “The unwavering loyalty and dedication we’ve demonstrated in our existing partnerships have emerged as a cornerstone of our success in the channel,” Motes says. “This commitment has fostered a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, further solidifying our position as a key player in the industry.”

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