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Leading with Transparency 

Jennifer Galanis
Chief Growth Officer
TriMark USA 

As TriMark USA’s chief growth officer, Jennifer Galanis has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the top leaders and pioneers within the foodservice industry across multiple business segments. “The best leaders I’ve worked with have given me opportunities to get outside my comfort zone and explore new areas of the business,” she says.

Having joined the company in 2003 as a sales representative, Galanis has worked her way up and now sees TriMark through a different lens, giving her a deeper understanding of the organization and its industry. Armed with these insights, she focuses on “leading with transparency” and open, honest communication. She also provides clarity on expectations and gives feedback — both positive and negative.

“Hard conversations only get more difficult if you delay them,” says Galanis, who puts a big emphasis on celebrating the “wins” and recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of others. “This is paramount and should always be a priority.”

Investing in People
Throughout its history, TriMark has capitalized on recruiting and retaining the top talent in the industry. The company invests in its people and places a strong emphasis on giving them the tools needed to execute at the highest level. Additionally, by implementing a customer-first approach, TriMark has successfully expanded wallet share with its existing client base while attracting new business across multiple verticals.

“Our sales and operations teams are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry,” Galanis explains. “We’re extremely fortunate to have long-tenured talent within the organization; the experience they bring allows us to provide innovative solutions and best practices to our customers which, in turn, elevates their business and allows us to be a true partner to their organization.”

  As a member of the launch team for the Women’s Impact Network, a group that is fully supported and funded by TriMark CEO Tom Wienclaw, Galanis is now bringing TriMark’s female leaders together through a variety of initiatives, including mentorship programs, skill-development workshops and networking events. This is taking place both within TriMark and in collaboration with other female leadership groups in the industry.  

“We’re currently in the process of onboarding our inaugural group of members and I’m really excited for the events and initiatives planned for this first year and beyond,” Galanis says.

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders
TriMark also has a “Leadership in Action” program that brings leaders from across the organization together to focus on collaborative problem-solving. “I was fortunate to be a participant in 2019 and gained so much from the experience — particularly the opportunity to work and learn from colleagues across all business segments of the company,” Galanis says.

TriMark is currently implementing its 2024 Leadership in Action program with an entirely new group of emerging leaders, with Galanis participating as a program mentor. She says the most important part of being an effective leader is doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it.  

“When people know they can trust you to follow through on your commitments, you create a culture of collaborative, productive relationships that helps everyone attain their goals,” Galanis explains. “Empower your people to make well-thought-out decisions while providing any needed guidance and support along the way.”

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