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Paving a Path for Female Leaders

Jennifer Ward
Chief Revenue Officer

When Michael Shao brought the Atosa brand to the United States market in 2013, he personally traveled to nearly every state to meet all the company’s dealers in person. This is just one of many ways Shao showed his dedication to building strong relationships and reinforcing the premium quality that the company is known for.

Under Shao’s leadership and guidance, Jennifer Ward, chief revenue officer, says she was able to follow that example to establish a remarkable sales team. “In an industry where personal relationships are paramount, our sales team prioritizes and maintains personal connections with all our dealers,” she points out.

“Instead of merely focusing on transactions, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing long-term relationships,” Ward continues. “This approach guarantees that our partnerships are built on mutual success, a crucial element in maintaining our long-term market relevance.”

Ward herself is a beneficiary of Atosa’s nurturing approach, having grown into a leader within the industry during her time at the manufacturer.

“I feel privileged to work for and with such amazing people in such an incredible industry. Although it may seem vast, our industry maintains a sense of closeness and personal connections,” she says. “With hard work, passion, and dedication I believe that anyone can reach great heights in our industry.”

Developing Future Leaders
Ward has dedicated herself to helping others reach those great heights through mentoring and coaching within her team. She aims to foster an environment where individuals feel supported and encouraged to learn and grow for their personal and professional development.

“Creating strategies and investing in the growth and development of my team cultivates a pipeline of talented leaders who are equipped to drive innovation, inspire teams and lead organizations to success,” Ward says.

Taking that commitment a step further, Ward founded Women Industry Leaders (WIL) in 2023.

With the mission of “promoting diversity and inclusion within the foodservice equipment and supply industry,” Ward is working with other women leaders to create a platform for women to access mentorship, education and networking opportunities. “The inclusive nature of WIL is open to

anyone interested in advancing diversity and inclusivity in the foodservice equipment industry. I’m dedicated to collaboration and collective action toward a more equitable future and empowering others and driving positive change in the industry.”

Women Industry Leaders will hold its second annual meeting at 5 p.m. May 17, 2024, during the National Restaurant Association Show. To register, please visit

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