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With folding handles and on-board hitches, Lakeside’s push-pull carts are designed to solve many of the pain points and annoyances foodservice operators encounter.

Lakeside Manufacturing — Push-Pull Carts
As businesses continue to pursue efficiency gains to help alleviate the nation’s ongoing labor shortage, Lakeside Manufacturing’s new push-pull carts offer a potential solution to foodservice operations and beyond.

The cart can be ordered with an optional on-board hitch that allows users to easily tow multiple carts at a time, saving labor by reducing what would have previously been multiple trips to just one. “We have seen this used for hotel operators transporting a full buffet serving line of chafers to cater a special event,” says Larry Moon, chairman. In addition to connecting carts, the hitch bar system includes a hitch receiver bushing to reduce friction and component wear, while integrated onboard storage provides a convenient place to keep the optional drawbar. Emphasizing Lakeside’s core values of customer satisfaction and continued improvement, Moon said the new push-pull carts with hitch is an example of how the company listens to operators and innovates to meet their needs. “This particular product evolved out of a classroom meal delivery cart,” he notes.

Even when used in single mode, the cart has features that solve many of the pain points and annoyances found in similar products. It has an exclusive push-pull handle that folds down for easy pulling and locks in place vertically with a haptic response for conventional pushing action. Moon explains that the handle is designed with operators in mind by eliminating the contact with heels and ankles that can occur when pulling traditional carts. “Operators can stay out in front while pulling for full visibility of the path ahead, and safe navigation of crowded spaces,” he adds. “Also, pulling a cart allows easier transport over obstacles like thresholds or other challenging terrains. Steering is easier, just like pulling a wagon.”

What Salespeople Need to Know
“The push-pull carts can be used beyond just foodservice applications — they’re great anytime you need an agile cart that can maneuver around corners, even with multiple carts in tow, and over long distances,” Moon says. Whether used for restocking buffet lines, coffee stations, concession stands, or general supply areas, the cart’s three 21-by-33-inch shelves provide plenty of transport space while supporting up to 700 pounds of product. The cart itself measures 21 inches wide by 38 inches long and 41 3/4 inches high, though Moon emphasizes that Lakeside’s customer service team can help modify its shelf size and configuration to meet a specific set of requirements.

Lakeside offers a standard one-year parts and labor warranty, but Moon notes that it’s not unusual for the company’s carts to last 10 to 15 years or longer when used and maintained as intended. “We did extensive testing through different weight ranges on both the drawbar with receiver bushing, as well as subjecting the handle mechanism to a large amount of cycles to replicate lifecycle testing,” he says.

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