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Consistent Growth Through the Decades

Lucy McQuillan

Throughout her career, Lucy McQuillan has been fortunate to have inspiring role models and mentors who have guided and shaped her leadership journey. Most recently, two individuals have provided McQuillan with invaluable leadership advice and support: Alto-Shaam’s CEO, Steve Maahs, and Board Member Bill Strenglis.

“I believe feedback is a gift, and both of these individuals openly share their direct feedback and industry knowledge with me,” says McQuillan, president at Alto-Shaam.

“They have both impacted my career and approach as a woman [leader],” McQuillan continues. “Their invaluable insights and mentorship have been instrumental in my professional development. I carry forward their wisdom and continue to be inspired by their passion for excellence.”

Fast Decision-Making and High Quality
Alto-Shaam’s success has been guided by its leaders’ passion and relentless pursuit to drive what’s next in the foodservice equipment industry. The company works with a pioneering mentality that began with its founding and has been encouraged across all levels of the organization. Having become president of the manufacturer in September 2023 and serving as chief commercial officer before then, McQuillan is a key steward of that legacy.

“As a successful, private multi-generational company, we can make decisions quickly and provide the highest level of quality and support that dealers and customers would only expect from a family company,” says McQuillan, who points to the three key turning points in the company’s growth as: pioneering Halo Heat technology in the 1950s; bringing combi technology to the United States in the 1980s; and introducing a new oven category in 2017, multi-cook ovens with exclusive Structured Air Technology.

“No matter the decade, Alto-Shaam continues to pioneer what’s next for our industry by leaning into our curiosity, determination and customer mindset,” McQuillan adds. “Our commitment to innovation and customer engagement has enhanced our reputation as a leader in foodservice equipment manufacturing.”

Developing Future Leaders
McQuillan says the company prioritizes nurturing the next generation of leaders and that it’s “excited to see the growth of women in leadership throughout the organization.” Through structured mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives, the organization continues to empower its employees and female leaders to reach their full potential.

This year, for example, Alto-Shaam rolled out a new leadership training program that spans a year and covers a variety of leadership development topics, as well as a culminating capstone project. McQuillan is actively involved in the program and is currently mentoring four individuals, two of whom are women leaders at Alto-Shaam.

“My experience as a leader has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to customer-centric values, and a dedication to fostering a culture of collaboration and growth,” McQuillan says. “I’m honored to be a part of this dynamic industry and look forward to continuing to inspire and empower fellow leaders in the journey ahead.”

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