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Smart and Versatile

RATIONAL’s iCombi Pro offers ConnectedCooking, a digital kitchen management app with a library of thousands of different dishes.

RATIONAL USA — iCombi Pro Ovens
RATIONAL, like other manufacturers of combi ovens, sees the equipment’s versatility driving a rise in adoption in a variety of environments such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, and quick service chains. “The iCombi Pro is popular among operators for its higher productivity, shorter cooking times and lower energy consumption compared to conventional cooking equipment,” says Brad Pector, communication specialist with RATIONAL USA. “The equipment can automatically adjust cooking parameters for mixed loads, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen.”

Suitable for grilling, roasting, stewing, baking, dehydrating, smoking, sous vide cooking, and other applications, iCombi Pro ovens help address labor challenges by reducing workloads and simplifying the cooking process for kitchen staff. Smart features such as iDensityControl offer intelligent climate management while iCookingSuite ensures reliable results with cooking paths that eliminate any guesswork. “iProductionManager assists in efficient planning and sequencing of food production: everything is timed out automatically, and flexible to change, if need be,” Pector says. “The MyDisplay user-friendly interface and intuitive menu system also enhances the ease of use and accessibility for kitchen staff.”

What Salespeople Need to Know
“The design and functionality of the iCombi Pro is backed by a research and development team made up of product designers, engineers, data architects, nutritionists, and more than one thousand chefs. Pector says that even more chefs have contributed to ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL’s digital kitchen management app that includes a growing recipe list of thousands of different dishes. ConnectedCooking is accessible on mobile devices and desktops so that operators can easily roll out cooking programs and recipes, update system software, or record hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) data while also giving service techs a better understanding of the machine by providing insight into the unit’s parts and cooking history.

An optional enhancement to iCombi Pro tabletop models, the iCareSystem AutoDose system allows for autonomous cleaning on a predetermined schedule by automatically measuring out the appropriate amount of cleaner to ensure peak hygiene. “This is made possible by the cartridges with solid cleaning agent integrated into the cooking system,” Pector says. “This means that cleaners and care agents do not have to be dosed for every cleaning process. This increases work safety, saves time and guarantees HACCP hygiene safety.”

The iCombi Pro comes in a variety of sizes and configurations so that operators have a reliable option no matter how many meals are prepared each day or how much available space there is. The largest model accepts 20 full-size sheet pans to support high-volume operations, while the iCombi Pro XS has a four 2/3 GN sheet pan capacity and a compact footprint to accommodate smaller venues like snack stands.

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