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High Performance

The Venancio Genesis Series range boasts the most efficient gas burner on the market, meaning that operators can cook more quickly while consuming less gas.

Venancio — Genesis Series Range
The Venancio Genesis Series range uses a heavy-duty, energy-efficient design to save operators money throughout the long life of the equipment. “The range qualifies for an upfront gas rebate of as much as $125.00 per burner,” Venancio President Mark Klindera says. “It reduces overall gas utility cost by at least 30 percent to not only save money but to give a return on investment (ROI) of less than a year.” The company’s Integrated VT burner technology won a 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award and now serves as one of the driving forces behind the Genesis Series’ renowned performance.

“It reduces gas consumption by providing the most efficient gas burner design on the market, today,” Klindera explains. “That being said, improved efficiency equates to improved performance. For example, in side-by-side testing, Genesis brought water to boil in a shorter period of time than several other well-known brands on the market using in excess of 30,000 BTU. Genesis uses only 22,000 BTU per burner.”

That energy efficiency is matched by reliability. The Genesis’ conical, anti-clog burners are backed by a lifetime warranty. Users can also conveniently stop the equipment’s gas flow by using the front-mounted gas shut off valve, making it easier and safer to control.

What Salespeople Need to Know
A variety of other features complement the equipment’s VT burner technology to deliver what Klindera calls a “best in class” range. The range’s 14 gauge fully welded frame gives the unit a strong foundation while the removable, heavy-duty cast iron grates offer reliable support for large, heavy stock pots. A standard over shelf and optional belly  rail that holds 1/6 food pans allow kitchen staff to keep ingredients and supplies close at hand.

Klindera points out that the oven’s counterbalanced stainless steel enclosed door frame is a standard feature on the Genesis that is offered by few competitors, and at a fraction of the cost of comparable units. Further, the oven’s all stainless steel cavity provides greater durability than porcelain alternatives. With models ranging from 24 to 72 inches wide, this series includes models with standard and/or convection ovens that are 26 1/2 inch bakery depth. The standard oven has four shelf positions and three racks while the convection oven has five shelf positions and four racks. For added flexibility, the convection oven even has an on/off switch and high/low fan speed with automatic lights to make monitoring food easier.

For Klindera, this product line’s appeal boils down to quality, dependability and price. “Venancio Genesis is best in class and competitively priced, with an industry-leading [three years parts and labor] standard warranty,” he says.

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