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Marra Forni Adds Chief Pizzaiolo Officer

Giulio Adriani

Marra Forni, a FEDA manufacturer member specializing in artisan commercial brick ovens, has hired Giulio Adriani to the newly created position of chief pizzaiolo officer.

Adriani brings to the company his experience as a successful pizza maker, pizzeria owner, instructor, and industry expert. He spent more than 30 years cooking in his grandmother’s kitchen in Naples, Italy, and has been certified by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN). He was also the head instructor in 2008 at AVPN.

“I am pleased to make our partnership and continued collaboration official,” Adriani said. “I look forward to supporting the pizza community through this business relationship to a greater extent and sharing my passion for pizza with Marra Forni customers.”

Marra Forni has had a long relationship with Adriani and his welcoming into the company has been decades in the making, Marra Forni said in a press release. The partnership is expected to enhance the experience for Marra Forni’s customers, empower its employees and foster stronger connections within the pizza community.

“As a leading manufacturer of authentic handcrafted brick and innovative deck ovens focusing on the pizza community, we are excited about this newly created position of Chief Pizzaiolo Officer,” CEO Francesco Marra said. “Giulio Adriani has devoted his entire life to mastering the art of pizza making. His passion and knowledge will support our vision to continue investing in the best culinary professionals in the world. The appointment of Giulio is a strategic move to elevate our pizza expertise and diversify our growing product lines. We are confident that this new position will support our customers’ growth in our beloved industry.”

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