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Website Landing Page Ads

The homepage is the first place visitors come to when searching for information about FEDA online. As the most visited page on FEDA's website, with more than 18,000 total views and 15,000 unique views annually, the homepage is the ideal place for advertisers to be seen by c-suite executives and other leaders in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry.
The FEDA homepage features several banner ads between sections describing the association's goals and priorities. Companies that wish to advertise on the page should submit ads that are 1080 x 1080 pixels in size and in the .jpg, .png or .gif file format. Please note that these ads will scale with the browser size and should be readable as small as 300 pixels wide.
Ad Submission Dates
Graphics for all homepage banner ads should be submitted on the 15th of the month before the scheduled run date.
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